Winners don’t do things differently. They do different things.

No, I haven't made a typo in the title. The age old saying "Winners don't do different things. They do ...
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Your Minimum Viable Product can be more ‘minimum’ than you think

[A slightly abridged version of this appeared first in YourStory.] Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is sure to show up in ...
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Clear and Present (Virtual) Reality

I first encountered Virtual Reality in a few movies in the 90s. Characters wearing giant headsets and inhabiting virtual worlds ...
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What strategy consulting for big businesses taught me about… starting up?

[This article first appeared in YourStory.] Strategy consultants are a much maligned lot in the startup and business world. Over ...
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The Barbell Strategy, or how you can have your cake and eat it too.

[A version of this article appeared on YourStory last week.] One of the tenets that stock market investors live by ...
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The 10 things I learnt from Business School

I read this post by Ellen Chisa recently, on the most important things she learnt at Harvard Business School. While ...
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Have a great business idea? Don’t quit your job yet.

A friend called me out of the blue a few days ago, and said he had a great business idea ...
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Yes, rewards motivate people. To get more rewards.

Hello! I'm finally back to blogging, after a short hiatus to focus on my app's launch. It's been a topsy-turvy ...
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Your brain is a muscle. Here’s how you give it a workout.

I asked this question on Facebook last week, and got a lot of suggestions (thanks a lot, folks!). There were ...
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Book summaries

The reading list that transformed my professional life

6-9 months ago, when everyone was posting lists of the top 10 books they read, I was unfortunately busy with ...
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