The 10 things I learnt from Business School

I read this post by Ellen Chisa recently, on the most important things she learnt at Harvard Business School. While ...
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Have a great business idea? Don’t quit your job yet.

A friend called me out of the blue a few days ago, and said he had a great business idea ...
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Yes, rewards motivate people. To get more rewards.

Hello! I'm finally back to blogging, after a short hiatus to focus on my app's launch. It's been a topsy-turvy ...
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Your brain is a muscle. Here’s how you give it a workout.

I asked this question on Facebook last week, and got a lot of suggestions (thanks a lot, folks!). There were ...
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Book summaries

The reading list that transformed my professional life

6-9 months ago, when everyone was posting lists of the top 10 books they read, I was unfortunately busy with ...
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Why Taj is the best customer service company in the world

I stayed at a Taj Hotels property in Delhi last week, for a conference. And I was blown away by ...
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Sometimes, good old focus can be a competitive advantage.

We constantly read about companies that have created barriers to entry - through technology, intellectual property, large-scale manufacturing, or sometimes ...
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Your inbox. Your life.

How to conquer your inbox and reclaim your life

Shilpa (the wife): So, what did you do at work today? Me: Quite busy today. You know, emailing. A standard ...
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What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

How Uber solved its chicken and egg problem (and you can too!)

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? An idle question on which children (and sometimes adults) can spend hours ...
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No, you don’t need a business model.

Roughly a year ago, Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19Bn. When I heard, my first reaction (as it was for many ...
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