About Me


I’m Jitha, short for Jithamithra Govindarajan Thathachari (yes, a mouthful).

I head Business Development at Luxasia, a leader in the Asia-Pacific beauty retail and distribution space.

I’m also an angel investor, through OperatorVC, a seed-stage sector-agnostic angel fund set up and run by founders themselves (hence the name).

Over the years, I’ve worked with and advised companies across multiple industries and life stages. I also founded and ran a consumer internet startup, Smart Saver, until 2016.

I write on entrepreneurship, strategy and business at jitha.me, drawing on my experience at my current company, my startup, conversations with founders, as well as my stints in consulting. The focus is to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs start and run their businesses better. My articles have been featured in Mint, Bloomberg Quint, Yourstory, Mattermark Daily and other publications.

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You can reach me at:

  1. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jithat/
  2. Twitter: @jithamithra
  3. Email: [email protected]