Book Summaries


This page contains summaries of great books I’ve read. (I’m starting with a few. Once I have more, I’ll add some filtering and categorization to the page.)

These are not simple book notes or a compilation of Kindle highlights, with no form or structure. These are actual summaries of my key takeaways from each book.

If the summaries are interesting, do read the books too! 

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Zero to One (10/10)

Category: Startups, Business Models

Rating: 10/10

A powerful book, that changed how I thought about entrepreneurship. I’ve written about the importance of the Power Law before, and what it means for what you choose to do.

Crucial Conversations (10/10)

Category: Communication, Conflict

Rating: (10/10)

Great book on handling difficult / “crucial” conversations. Whether in relationships or at the workplace. If you don’t do well in confrontation or “crucial conversations” – either because you don’t like conflict, or it gets too heated to achieve what you want – this is a great book to read.

Never Split the Difference (10/10)

Category: Communication, Negotiation, Conflict

Rating: (10/10)

One of the best books I’ve read on negotiation. Better than more theoretical books like Getting to Yes.

Written by an FBI hostage negotiator, with tons of experience negotiating in high-stakes situations.