What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

How Uber solved its chicken and egg problem (and you can too!)

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? An idle question on which children (and sometimes adults) can spend hours ...
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No, you don’t need a business model.

Roughly a year ago, Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19Bn. When I heard, my first reaction (as it was for many ...
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5 things I learnt from talking toilets in rural Bihar

Over the past year, sanitation has hogged headlines in India like nobody's business. And rightly so - it's everybody's business ...
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Pregnant mothers – the holy grail of retail

Retailers try many tactics, some obvious and others devious, to take advantage of our buying habits and maximize how much ...
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How to destroy poaching and save our wildlife – a market-based approach

Two weeks ago, newspapers proclaimed that India may be winning the battle with tiger poachers. But, clichéd as it may ...
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Zero to One

The Power Law, or why working hard is not enough

Throughout your academic life, you're told, variously, "There's no substitute for hard work", "Work hard and don't think about the ...
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How to Supercharge your Productivity – Part 2

Hey! I'm back with Part 2 of my post on productivity. I'd given three tips in my previous post: Lose ...
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How to Supercharge your Productivity – Part 1

Do you feel like you're doing too much? Working 7 days a week, and still scrambling to catch up? Finding ...
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Why, really, do startups fail?

Why, indeed? This is a question I've thought about a lot over the last 2 years (sure, it is a popular ...
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