What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

How to break the chicken and egg problem – A Framework

In March last year, I published an article called How Uber solved its chicken and egg problem (and you can ...
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5 remarkable ideas that transformed how I think in 2015

Regular readers of this blog and my newsletter (subscribe here if you haven't!) know that I'm an avid reader. 2015, for ...
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How ratings result in worse, not better, customer service

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were in Galle, Sri Lanka for a much-awaited vacation. We chose a ...
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How to save yourself from a bad startup idea that looks good

The startup bug has bitten you. You want to start a business, grow it for a few years, sell out ...
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What’s the right time to start up?

[Note: This article first appeared on YourStory last week.] A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Indian ...
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What do you really need to start up? [Slideshare]

Last week, I was invited to the Indian Institute of Management, Trichy, to talk to the students about startups. Given ...
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The three (design) mistakes of my life

[Note: an abridged version of this appeared on YourStory last week.] Don't you get irritated when you make a rookie ...
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Winners don’t do things differently. They do different things.

No, I haven't made a typo in the title. The age old saying "Winners don't do different things. They do ...
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Your Minimum Viable Product can be more ‘minimum’ than you think

[A slightly abridged version of this appeared first in YourStory.] Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is sure to show up in ...
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Clear and Present (Virtual) Reality

I first encountered Virtual Reality in a few movies in the 90s. Characters wearing giant headsets and inhabiting virtual worlds ...
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